Anna's Journey

I had the 360 circumference body lift on feb 13. They removed 7.5 lbs of excess skin. The recovery is intense, but has gone very smoothly thus far. The Doctor said it is because I am in such excellent physical condition. I owe that to you! Never in my life did I think I could achieve such success. I did because you educated me and guided me throughout this journey.

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Katie's Success Story

Dr. Shayesteh has truly changed my life! I've lost over 30 pounds of fat, and even better than that, I actually feel great. He has taught me how to eat well, while still living my life. He's taught me that treating yourself and your body with respect can really change how your feel on a day to day basis. I will recommend him to everyone I know that is ready to make a healthy change for themselves!
Thank you, Dr. Shayesteh!