Internal Fitness Testing

A Holistic Approach To Health 

Transform your health with Internal Fitness Testing:

1. Test 11 different gut-based metabolites that are extremely important not only for your gut health; but they also play a key role in other areas of health including: Gastrointestinal Fitness, Sleep/Emotional Balance, Energy Levels, Immune Fitness and Cognitive Acuity.

2. Actionable results and health scores:
Your overall Internal Fitness score is a composite of five categorical scores: Gastrointestinal Fitness, Immune Fitness, Emotional Balance, Cognitive Acuity, and Energetic Efficiency, which are all critical for determining your total internal health score.












3. Personalized Nutrition/ weight loss and wellness program :
Find out which foods your body needs based on metabolites not within optimal levels. Access customized healthy recipes to improve your scores and gut health.

4.  Personalized mindfulness:
Access personalized recommendations and activities to help improve mood, sleep, and side effects of stress

5.  Personalized fitness recommendations, and exercise videos based on you goals and training experience.

6.  Personalized supplements based on your test results

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