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  • Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance 

  • Pre & Post Menopausal Weight Gain

  • Reactive Hypoglycemia

  • Sugar & Carbohydrate Addiction

  • Chronic Fatigue & Hunger

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

  • Insulin Resistance

  • Childhood Obesity 

You Will Never Have to Diet Again

Dr. Shayesteh takes a unique approach as your personal guide, mentor, and biggest supporter on your journey to healthy eating and living. His goal is to empower you to learn how to eat intelligently.

What makes this customized weight loss and nutrition program different than a diet? Intelligent eating is not about restrictions and starvation. It is not a diet at all. Our weight loss and exercise program is personalized to fit you and your lifestyle. With Dr. Shayesteh’s weight loss program, you will be given the tools you need to lose weight, feel good and look better. You will never have to diet again.

Anna's Success Story

Hi Dr. S,

Just wanted to drop you a line and give you an update on my weight loss progress. I had the 360 circumference body lift on feb 13. They removed 7.5 lbs of excess skin. The recovery is intense, but has gone very smoothly thus far. The Doctor said it is because I am in such excellent physical condition. 

I owe that to you! Never in my life did I think I could achieve such success. I did because you educated me and guided me throughout this journey. Having this surgical procedure has helped to remove not only the excess skin, but that part of my body that would not allow me to see what I achieved in my weight loss.

I know that I have thanked you numerous times but truly, there are not enough words that I can express to you what you have done for me, emotionally and physically. My current weight is 143lbs. It fluctuates because of the retained fluid from my healing process. The swelling has gone down somewhat, so I anxiously went to Dillard's to try on a skirt to see what size I am wearing now.

I went from a size 26 to a size "6"!!! A dream!!!  Keep doing what you are doing! It's your gift!!!!  Thank you again for giving me a life that I never thought I could have!!!


Weight Loss & Nutrition with Dr. Shayesteh

Dr. Shayesteh: Stop Sugar Cravings

Why are we addicted to sugar? How can you break this addiction?

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Dr. Shayesteh: Obesity & Disease

Dr. Shayesteh: Combat Stress & Lose Belly Fat

How dangerous can this added weight be for your health? What are some ways to de-stress?

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Dr. Shayesteh: Importance of Fiber

Fiber is actually one of the most important ingredients in our diets. Fiber is also one of the most powerful medicines for the body, as well.

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Dr. Shayesteh: Hormones & Weight Gain

There are certain hormones that cause a significant amount of weight gain. What hormones are they? How can you change the balance?

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Dr. Shayesteh: You Are What You Eat

How much impact does the food you eat have on your health? What changes should you make? Find out now! 

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Dr. Shayesteh: Does Childhood Obesity Lead To Adult Obesity?

If a person is obese as a child, are they likely to be obese as an adult? Studies show there is a high chance.

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Dr. Shayesteh: How To Naturally Increase Testosterone

Why does stomach obesity lower testosterone levels? How can you raise those levels, yourself?

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Dr. Shayesteh: Mediterranean Diet

The mediterranean diet is one of the more well-known diets, but new research shows that it is also one of the best, healthiest and most practical diets available.

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Dr. Shayesteh: Being Overfat

Research shows that people can be a “healthy weight,” but still have too much fat. What kind of fat do you need to lose? How can you tell if you’re overfat?

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Dr. Shayesteh: Eat Yourself Happy

What we eat affects our brain and can change the hormones it produces. These hormones control energy levels, mood, anxiety and pleasure, among other things.

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Dr. Shayesteh: Sleep Deprivation & Health

Millions of people suffer from sleep deprivation, but most don’t understand the severity of it. Research shows that it has significant health consequences, mentally and physically.

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Dr. Shayesteh: The Science Behind Sleep & Exercise

Everybody needs sleep and exercise, but did you know how much one affects the other? How much can exercise affect sleep? How much and when should you exercise?

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Dr. Shayesteh: Meal Timing For Weight Loss

They say timing is everything, but can the same be said about losing weight? Surprisingly, yes! New research shows that as the day goes on, the body’s ability to metabolize sugar and carbohydrates changes.

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Dr. Shayesteh: Emotional vs. Physical Hunger

Learn the differences between emotional and physical hunger, as well as how to recognize which one you’re experiencing

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Dr. Shayesteh: Low Fat vs. Low Carb

The great debate: low fat or low carb diet? Dr. Shayesteh explains it all

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Dr. Shayesteh: Why Am I Always Hungry?

Do you ever catch yourself being hungry after eating just a hour or two prior? You aren’t alone.

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Dr. Shayesteh: Best Diet for Weight Loss

It’s become well known the most diets don’t work, but Dr. Shayesteh has one that will

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